I haven't used soap in almost 3 years

When did you stop using soap on your vagina?

Honestly, I never knew I wasn't suppose to use soap on my vagina. My mother taught me as a young lady how to clean myself, therefore I didn't have a odor. I must say it was quite alot to make sure my kitty wasn't stinky. I use to douche (not the scented kind) after my menstrual to keep my vagina smelling like water after my monthly. Then she would say add a little lime/ lime juice to get your pussy nice and tight.

I didn't know better I actually did it. I mean TBH it worked. Just think about it when you clean your meat with lime and vinegar it does tighten the meat.

Anywho y'all don't judge me. I was just listening to my mama. However, as I grew older I realized that my hygiene routine was not working. I started to not get as wet and started to get BV.

So my question is ... when did you start to develop an healthy hygiene routine? When did you know soap was not good for the Vjay?


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