PHresh Box Blog

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Are we keeping it PHresh?

Hi my name is AnnMarie and I created this blog so we can enjoy some PHresh Talk! Q & A's with no filter just keeping it R&R (REAL RAW). Are you ready to keep it PHresh?

I was told I was PHresh at a young age, but what does that really mean?

Some refer to one being "fresh" if you have a slick mouth. Well I can admit that in this case, I would be guilty. All this means is that my mouth has no filter. Nothing wrong with that. #PHreshTalk

“She's bad ass with a good heart, soft but strong. Unapologetic and honest. She's the type of women you go to war beside, the type of woman you marry” - R.H. Sin

PHresh is what you believe it is.

If a slick mouth is not your 1st thought when you here someone referring to one as PHresh, then what is it? This is called a homonym, words that sound alike but have different meanings.